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*Risk Actuarial Science

*Strategy and Business

*Information Systems and Knowledge Management


*Products Operations and Service Quality

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Small Companies


Risk Actuarial Science


       How can you detecting early a bankruptcy or payment failure?

       How can you detect fraud?

       How can you make an integral analysis of risk or an analysis of operational risk?

       How can you make an analysis of the relationship risk & strategy?

       How can you optimize different portfolios: financial, promotional, fixed assets, products?

Analysis of investment portafolio

Tools of financial analysis

Objective analysis

Maximum probable loss

ERM Enterprise Risk Management

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Strategy and Trade

       How to make a suitable segmentation and classification of client? What is a lucrative segment?

       How to make a risk and value demand forecast?

       How to design evaluation systems of competitivity?

       How to evaluate brand and value of intangibles?

       How to group buyers according to potential purchase and risk?

       What product to sell to the present clients?

       How much to grow and what is needed for it?

       How to develop a strategy of differential prices for products and services?

       What are those product attributes that induce purchases?

       How to identify preferences on consumption?

       How to make a comparison of clients and non-clients, patterns of decision?

       How to create an analytical solution of the value chain and supply chain for international trade?

Business Plan

Market Segmentation

Competitive maps

Evaluation strategy of companies

Information of Benchmarking

Marketing Plan

Models of price

Estimation d and demands

Business Intelligence

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Information systems and Management of the Knowledge

       How to develop processes to support customers using internal knowledge?

       How to develop a strategy and implementation of portals?

       How to develop prototypes for planning and competitive analysis?

       How to develop the intellectual capital?

       How to develop Competitive Intelligence?

       How to develop business Intelligence?

       How to develop and to improve products and services? How to improve the innovation process in the business?

Creation of Scorecards

Development of intellectual capital management indicators

Development of innovation processes

Development and Analysis of Web channel

Web Analytics-measurement of the Web channel performance

Technology of portals

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Analysis of territory

Control of sales

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       How are processes and technology integrated?

       How to develop metrics for process analysis?

       How is a process optimized?

Analysis of productivity

Control of costs

Optimization transport cost

Control of the Inventory

Plan of production

Growth & inventory

Analysis of inventory

Analysis of processes

Construction of Indicators of management

Statistical control

Sample Design

Optimization of the time of activity

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Learning - Training go directly to

Product design

Principles of strategy