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* Risk – Actuarial Science

* Strategy and Business

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Risk – Actuarial Science


·       How can you detecting early a bankruptcy or payment failure?

·       How can you detect fraud?

·       How can you make an integral analysis of risk or an analysis of operational risk?

·       How can you make an analysis of the relationship risk & strategy?

·       How can you optimize different portfolios: financial, promotional, fixed assets, products?

Investment portfolio


Analysis of international financing

Analysis of  international operations risk

Objective analysis and What if?


Maximum Probable loss 

 Enterprise Risk Management

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International Trading &


Strategy and Trade

·       How to make a suitable segmentation and classification of client? What is a lucrative segment?

·       How to make a risk and value demand forecast?

·       How to design evaluation systems of competitivity?

·       How to evaluate brand and value of intangibles?

·       How to group buyers according to potential purchase and risk?

·       What product to sell to the present clients?

·       How much to grow and what is needed for it?

·       How to develop a strategy of differential prices for products and services?

·       What are those product attributes that induce purchases?

·       How to identify preferences on  consumption?

·       How to make a comparison of clients and non-clients, patterns of decision?

·       How to create an analytical solution of the value chain and supply chain for international trade?

E- Commerce  International

Advertisement Portfolio Analysis

Market Segmentation

Competitive maps

Company’s Strategy Evaluation 

Competitive Intelligence


Price models






Demand estimation



Business Intelligence

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International Trading &


Information systems and Management of the Knowledge

·       How to develop processes to support customers using internal knowledge?

·       How to develop a strategy and implementation of portals?

·       How to develop prototypes for planning and competitive analysis?

·       How to develop the intellectual capital?

·       How to develop Competitive Intelligence?

·       How to develop  business Intelligence?

·       How to develop and to improve products and services? How to improve the innovation process in the business?

Strategic Intelligence - World Data analysis


Innovation Processes


Creation of Scorecards

Development of intellectual capital indicators

Development of innovation processes



Development of Analysis of the Web channel

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Web Analytics-measurement of the Web channel performance

Technology of portals

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International Trading &



·       How are processes and technology integrated?

·       How to develop metrics for process analysis?

·       How is a process optimized?

Analysis of productivity

Evaluation of processes

Simulation of processes

Analysis of processes

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Learning – Training



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Construction of Indicators of management

Design sample

Optimization of the time of activity

Quantitative tools in strategy

Basic Statistic